Side Hustle Spark 162: Ross Simmonds and repurposing one blog post

Ross calls it his content marketing remix.

This post answers the following questions:

  1. What is a content distribution strategy?
  2. What is a content marketing remix?
  3. How do you know what’s worth remixing?

While we’re at it, let’s revisit some of his other good stuff…

Happy holidays to sidehustlecurator visitors.
Thanks for reading.

Wishing you a seriously great 2021.

Side Hustle Spark 125: More freebies from

Reminder: No perks or underhanded sales pitches going on here. Just hoping some of these ideas and resources help you move forward.

Want The Exact Email Scripts I’ve Used To Beat The Competition & Close More Deals?

Here is the download link.

Get 60 Proven Side Hustle Ideas You Can Launch Today Without Quitting Your Day Job.

Some intriguing ideas or reminders in this list:

  1. start marrying people [Think about it…during the pandemic you may not even be expected to attend in person! ;->]
  2. submit stock photos [If you’re out in nature, why not put your photographer’s eye to use? And many of you probably already have some sellable shots you’ve take through the years.]
  3. seamstress or tailor [How many of us have lived with the torn favorite jacket not knowing where to take it for ‘repairs’?]
  4. human photo-op [I’d better let Ross explain this one: “Dress up as a movie character, celebrity, or famous musician or comedian and charge people to take a picture with you.”
  5. bad sketch artist [Ross’s explanation: “People like funny too, so even if you create something so bad that it fits within that category, you can make a side hustle out of it.”]

Here is the download link.