Side Hustle Spark 127: Create a podcast for an audience of one: You

Stay with me on this…

First, it’s probably nothing new. But…

I was thinking about my previous post— Sonia Simone’s 101 Conversion Strategies.

Great list with applicable ideas for all levels of entrepreneurs.

Something worth carrying around in one form or another.

So, today, I’ll use Audacity or GarageBand to record myself reading the list.


  • I’ll play back that mp3 at convenient times [walking, yard work, decluttering].
  • Its repeated reminders of effective strategies will accumulate over time and across different projects.
  • I’ll be doing the same with other favorite posts or passages from books.

Give it a shot.

Side Hustle Spark 126: 101 Conversion Strategies (Copyblogger)

sales conversion strategy ideas word cloud

Sonia Simone of Copyblogger really outdid herself with this Nov. 2 post.

This is another one of those ‘course within a blog post’ items. So much to consider.

101 Ways to Make More Sales Online

Here’s a sampling of some of her more intriguing ideas/reminders…

— “Test two headlines. When you find a winner, run it against a new headline. Keep eliminating second-best. Google Ads is a quick and efficient way to do this.”

— “Now that you’ve identified your fundamental human need, how can that be expressed in an emotion-based headline?

This one really captured my attention…

— “If you have a dog, use a photo of you with your dog instead. There’s something about a dog that lowers nearly everyone’s defenses.”

Have a great Monday.

I couldn’t resist…