Side Hustle Spark 207: Create and Go Quick Tour

STILL with the Create and Go folks.

I finally settled in and visited this winning effort by Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus.

Click here or on the image for a 90-second tour of the site.

That baby is chock-full of valuable content. Much like Copyblogger, the site itself provides multiple courses within the free content.

Favorite items (so far):

  • The ‘Tools’ section
  • The free Blogging Bootcamp email course
  • The 4 Phases of Online Blogging Success

Side Hustle Spark 206: Building a Multi-Million Dollar Blogging Empire (Lauren McManus)

I first heard Lauren McManus on an episode of’s podcast. She and her partner epitomized what I would call ‘the thoughtful pivot’.

Then while writing Side Hustle Spark 204, I once again ran across Create and Go and Shannon Mattern’s 2020 chat with LaurenBuilding a Multi-Million Dollar Blogging Empire with Lauren McManus of Create and Go.

A few highlights:

  • “I think about nine people, including both of our mothers attended this webinar to try to sell a product and that didn’t end up working out.”
  • “we targeted a few different other weight loss, affiliate products at them just to see what kind of products they were interested in. And it was from this whole process that we…learned a lot more about our audience and what they wanted.”
  • “we were getting…all these different responses that allowed us to kind of create this customer avatar. And we used these things to then create our own product again. But this time we knew who we were talking to and how to sell it…so that was the biggest turning point.”
  • “we try to tell our (Create-and-Go) students all the time is that our YouTube channel for the first like two or three years…it was just the most unpolished casual.”
  • “they can just relate to you a lot more. And I think it [the ‘unpolished casual’ vibe] is so, so, so important in everything that you do…it just helps you connect with your readers better…I think we’re a bit more approachable than, than some people.”
  • “Yeah, absolutely. I think that the biggest, the biggest hurdle to overcome is honestly just getting started.”
  • “figure out kind of what you want to do, and then just start it because no matter what this project, this business, whatever you’re starting, it’s going to end up drastically changing in the first, you know, six months to a year.”
  • “And…the longer you put it off, it’s like all those things that you want and all those fears that you have…all you’re doing is making them come true by sitting on this information and waiting around, waiting for perfect opportunity to arise.”

Here also is Shannon’s interview with Lauren’s partner, Alex Nerney.

Side Hustle Suggestion 88: When/if you’re stuck…

For me, yes, I’m stuck inside because the air is smoke-filled from the 50 mph winds pushing residue from the distant wildfires. So, I should be knocking it out of the park. Instead…blah. Just lip-diddling and finding any possible reason to not produce.

Finally, I opened the laptop and Googled ‘side hustlers stuck’.

Result–an 8-minute Pep Talk for Side Hustlers, episode 90 from Shannon Mattern.

Feeling stuck? Here’s what to do instead.

A valuable excerpt:


  • So what if I pitch myself and no one books me?
  • So what if I start a YouTube Channel and no one watches it?
  • So what if I write a book and no one reads it?
  • So what if I start a podcast and no one listens?
  • So what if it takes me a year to transform my body?
  • I know that I have something of value to share. And I know I can help people change their lives. And I won’t let the Bully in My Head stop me.

Suggestion 50: How To Market Yourself Online [freebie]

Image by muneebfarman from Pixabay 

A two-hour course–one of three offered by Shannon Mattern. I realize ‘free’ usually includes sharing your email address, but for what the mini-course offers [I’m listening to it now.], it seems well worth your email address.

  • The “secret” 5 step formula for getting website visitors and turning them into customers.
  • 5 marketing myths keeping you busy, stuck and broke.
  • The only 4 things you need to set up to market yourself online.
  • 5 common marketing mistakes (and what to do instead).
  • How you can get started authentically marketing yourself right away!

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The author, T. Haag, is now 240+ sidehustlecurator posts into this little hunt-and-share project. As he works on his own stuff, he likes learning:

— what others are doing to create additional income for themselves

— side hustlers’ successful strategies

— solo entrepreneurs’ favorite tools

Hoping that you find something useful among these posts.

Suggestion #9: Look into freebies for a side hustle kickstart and…

another list.

Yes, I promised that I would include a list only if it stood out. Today, Nick Loper updated his 150+ Real Ways to Make Extra Money in 2020. Note: While lists can be overwhelming, I use them to push my ‘what if…?’ thinking or to find ideas that might be combined.

Okay, on to the ‘freebies’ portion of the show…

StackSkills Side Hustle Bundle

Today, and for the next couple of posts, I will share freebies for side hustlers, as well as other links, including one to Shannon Mattern, who has produced 286 Pep Talks for Side Hustlers podcasts.

I’m going to start with the reading skills mini-course. [Honest, amping up your reading can help you cover lots of content in shorter amounts of time.]

Let me know what you think. Pretty good for the price.

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