Side Hustle Spark 240: A video-cruise of Pinterest for winning ideas

Click the image above for a 90-seconds of idea-shopping in Pinterest…

Why watch the video?

  • Snappy words/phrases that speak to you or your customers
  • Product/service ideas you hadn’t considered
  • New customers
  • New websites/resources you hadn’t considered
  • Pinterest pin design strategies
  • A reminder to use Pinterest for the occasional brainstorming exercise

and some of the listings may actually affirm a strategy or product line you’ve already followed/created.
Nothing wrong with a little reassurance, right?

So pause this masterpiece where needed.

I hope this steers you to something new, profitable, or reassuring.

For a subject-by-subject look at sidehustlecurator,
check out my Posts Organized by Topic page.

Forge ahead, side hustlers!

Side Hustle Spark 174–: ‘The Playbook’

One of my favorite parts of curating is finding good new ‘stuff’. (Sorry, that word just works for me, no matter how inelegant or generically lame it sounds. Yes, it’s lazy, but hey, it’s one less syllable than ‘content’ and it covers a lot of ground. Okay, in the time it took me to–fancy word alert!–bloviate on that, I could have found a more effective word than ‘stuff’, right? Now that I’ve completely lost you…

It’s always a plus in my day when I come across a new voice with clear, often unique, ideas to add to the curation.

S. Anthony Iannarino of has one of those voices and offers this ‘side hustler’s playbook’.

Even if you’ve read or heard these suggestions, I think you’ll find the succinct explanations to be affirming.

Other interesting posts by Iannarino…

My Manifesto

Side Hustle Spark 143: Podcast Topics Listeners Love

Let’s be honest…if I just lingered and lurked [I know, that sounds creepy.] at and curated only their stuff, I’d be doing you right.

As I’ve said before, one post/article from copyblogger is the equivalent of a solid mini-course.
So today, let’s explore Tim Stoddart’s Podcast Topics Listeners Love.

Topics for those with no audience

  • Focus on a teardown (a look behind-the-scenes)
  • Record your stories
  • Record your experiments
  • Invite other experts
  • Curate great content
  • Partner with an established cohost

Note: Tim S. continues with ‘topics for those with an established audience’, but I don’t want to stretch the fair use privileges. Do visit the post to reap full value.

Even if you’ve tried or listened to any of the above suggestions, there is value in these reminders that register with the brain’s ‘o-yeah-that-al’ cortex.

Suggestion 45: A pep talk from Chris Guillebeau

Monday seems like a good day for a pep talk…

Chris Guillebeau–side hustler, author, and podcaster [1283 consecutive episodes and counting]–sends out a weekly email. Subscribe here.

A few favorite excerpts from today’s…

Subject: If You Haven’t Started That Project Yet, Why Not?

  • …I had to make a rule that the answer [to a request for advice] couldn’t be “Just start”—because that’s what about half of the people said. “Just start” is frustrating to hear when you’re unable to get started.
  • One way or another, the pain of making a change has to become less than the pain of remaining where you are.
  • …the real imposter is the part of you that hesitates.
  • You don’t need to have a strategy, a complete roadmap, or the certainty of a predetermined outcome…All you need is a single action…
  • ask yourself how you’ll feel a year from now if you DON’T start that thing you’re thinking about.

Go take a few first steps, folks.
I’ll report in on my first steps.

What you will notice about this site…

I’m going with low-cost tools.

I want to typify a new side hustler’s possible first steps.

So, I’m just using Gmail without a personalized domain.

And I use Pixabay and Unsplash for images. [Apologies ahead of time if I forget to attribute the work to the artist. Feel free to remind me to do so.]

Part of this inspiration came from Chris Guillebeau’s book The $100 Startup.

— My links are non-affiliated. In other words, I just like the products I mention or recommend and am not profiting from those links. If that policy changes, I’ll let you know.

— I’ll make mistakes, perhaps on purpose, so I–AND YOU–can learn from them.

— I’ve written for many years and I provide generally mistake-free copy. BUT I’m working on following the credo of ‘Done is better than perfect…because perfect is impossible anyway’ .
In fact, I’m going to publish this post even though it isn’t as complete as I would like. [I’m in the middle of a Pat Flynn e-mail strategies webinar.]

Before I click ‘Publish’,
by all means check in with questions and requests at: