Side Hustle Spark 258: Pat Flynn’s Affiliate Marketing Launch Plan (freebie)

This week, Pat Flynn, always a generous provider of quality content for solo entrepreneurs, emailed this offer of the Affiliate Marketing Launch Plan.

Having generated over $3.5 million after 11 years of successful partnerships with Teachable, Buzzsprout, ConvertKit and others, Pat calls affiliate marketing ‘the most proven, simple, and authentic way to monetize your online brand.’

The ‘Launch Plan’ is a free five-day email course that starts this coming Monday (May 17).

Here is the sign-up link.

Side Hustle Spark 217: Community-building no-no’s. (Smart Passive Income)

Image: William White on Unsplash

Jillian Benbow of Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income checks in with Five Tips to Ruin Your Membership Community. [March 1, 2021]

In other words, definitely attend to the following:

  1. Set clear boundaries for acceptable content and behavior.
  2. Consistently provide content and opportunities to interact.
  3. Assure members they will be heard.
  4. ‘Community’ is the focus, not you.
  5. Drill down for data that serves the community’s interests.

Side Hustle Spark 196: Online course tips from 31 creators

Thought I would follow up on yesterday’s post…

No matter that this was published in 2017, these tips from Smart Passive Income are still valuable.

NOTE: I found some contradiction between those who advise diving in with passion and building vs. validating first.

Maybe the solution is: Put some of that passion into your ‘pre-building’ promotion. [sales pages, lead pages, social media posts].

You might even repurpose some of that same content. Hey, just a thought.

Here are a few favorites…

1. Whatever topic you have in mind right now, make it 5 times smaller. The biggest mistake is to think you have to cover everything in one step. – Kerstin, Fluent Language School

2. Find one person and walk them through your exact process of the course you’re considering creating.  – Jeff Rose, The Online Advisor Growth Formula

3. Stop reading about it. Taking action is the best teacher! …The more I studied, the more overwhelmed I became. I finally stopped worrying about it… – David Wallimann, Guitar Playback

4. The number one tip I would give to course creators is start building your list immediately.
– Fleur Ottaway, Venture Digital: Get Results from Your Facebook Ads

5. Do not prepare an online course for selling. Create an online course for what you love to do and then sell it. You will earn a lot if you tell a topic that you love to do. – Resit, Master of Project Academy

Many thanks to Pat Flynn and SPI for mining a wealth of advice and expertise.

Side Hustle Spark 113: Pat Flynn’s Essential Guides…

Pat Flynn calls them ‘guides’. I’d call them text-and-relevant-audio based online courses.

Below are the links…

to Mindset for Entrepreneurs

to Email Marketing

to Branding

to Business Fundamentals

to Online Courses

More SPI online course resources here

If you want to add value to these guides, and if you have capable software**, consider recording the screen as you cruise through your favorite content so you can conveniently replay it on your device of choice.

**Filmora, Camtasia, Snag-it, Screencast-O-Matic.. OBS Studio, Screencastify, ScreenFlow

Side Hustle Spark 111: Pat Flynn’s The Income Stream

206 straight episodes of his The Income Stream YouTube channel
and counting for Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.

On the weekends, he does live reviews of websites and YouTube channels submitted by visitors.

In fact, for a more detailed, informative shortcut through this model of a consistent ‘value-added’ approach, let’s take a look at his The Income Stream Clips channel .

Suggestion #12: Pat Flynn freebie for course creators

The Smart Passive Income site also offers The SPI Essential Guide to Online Courses.


  • The five most common objections people have to creating an online course. Trust me–almost all of us have run these through our heads.
  • The top 11 mistakes to avoid when creating the course. [Hey, based on my own attempts,I could have written this!]
  • Examples of successful online courses and their origins.

Have a great weekend! Take care of yourselves…your family members [and pets]…and others you encounter. [Notice I didn’t say ‘run into’. Bad choice of words, right? That would imply you were well within six feet of each other. ;->]

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Suggestion #11: Pat Flynn freebies for side hustlers

These are from Pat Flynn of


  • Books: Will It Fly? and Let Go.
  • Mini-courses: Smart From Scratch and Build Your Own Brand
  • Dealing with the pandemic resources

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As always, check in with questions and requests in the comments below
Let me know if any of the content has helped you in some small way.