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The author, T. Haag, is now 240+ sidehustlecurator posts into this little hunt-and-share project. As he works on his own stuff, he likes learning:

— what others are doing to create additional income for themselves

— side hustlers’ successful strategies

— solo entrepreneurs’ favorite tools

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Suggestion 72: Start From Zero

Thanks to Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation, I came across another site with a focus helpful to side hustlers.

To gain immediate value from Start From Zero, click to his two guides:

How To Make $1,000 In 24 Hours

The Two Metrics To Pick A Niche

As I write this, I’m hearing him advise an educator who is/was developing “a technology platform that will support education and mitigate poverty…”. His suggestions included:

  • publishing a book that presents the platform and strategies and hiring herself out as the implementation consultant
  • giving the information for people to potentially build a platform and then charging a licensing fee

Dane Maxwell founded this business and also owns and His 20 podcasts are advice-based and his site offers a number of products, as outlined in the word cloud above.

I also found his recommended books page helpful for those seeking specific guidance on:

  • How to Start
  • Sales
  • Growing a Company
  • Fundamental Business
  • Copywriting

His Starter Context would also be helpful to someone just starting out…

  1. People first
  2. Problems second
  3. Sales third
  4. Outsource product creation
  5. Get results with first customer
  6. Scale to others