Suggestion #40: Get freebies from The Money Tree book site

Chris Guillebeau’s latest book points readers to resources on his website, including The Third Way Manifesto and a reader’s guide to his The Money Tree book.

Reminder: These aren’t affiliated links. I just want to point you to helpful content from successful folks.

Challenge: Give even a single minute to an item and nail down some positive lesson, additional link, or reminder.

Okay, I’ll do that riiiiight now with the manifesto…

There! During that 60 seconds, I scanned the three-page manifesto [big font size…I liked that.] and these points popped out at me.

  • Don’t be vague—tell people exactly what you’re offering,
    why it will help them, and how they can buy it.
  • Launch before you’re ready and improve as you go.

Had I come across these points before? Yep. Still, they were valuable reminders to not get stuck on the small details and occasionally keep a ‘minimum viable product’ mentality.

Suggestion #2: Get to know Chris Guillebeau

First off, there will be readers who will be well acquainted with information I’m sharing at sidehustlecurator. 

And there will be readers who are just now exploring the ‘side hustle’ concept. I’ll be aiming my content toward those folks. 

Today, I’m sharing resources from Chris Guillebeau

  1. originator of Side Hustle School
  2. owner of an impressive streak of 1222 straight days with a published podcast
  3. author of seven books, including Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 30 Days and his most recent, Money Tree

A few resources from his site:

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