Side Hustle Spark 230: “Organize your stuff!”–Your big idea, be remarkable, don’t stall, unleash ideas (Seth Godin)

My content organization effort continues…

The list below tells me this: I’m really short-hitting you on Seth Godin content. Will have to remedy that.

Here is the ‘Let’s get organized! page in progress.

Topic: Seth Godin Resources

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  • Side Hustle Spark 193: Unleash the Ideavirus (Freebie)
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  • Side Hustle Spark 193: Unleash the Ideavirus (Freebie)

    Seth Godin, a real wise guy, is also a very generous guy.

    His April 19, 2018 post provides a link to his Unleashing the Ideavirus . (I realize ‘virus’ is an unwelcome word since last March, but hey, let’s look at it in a different context.)

    And if you’re short of time, here is a summary of the book.

    Enjoy. Hope you learn a little…or a lot.

    Forge ahead!

    Side Hustle Spark 130: Unleashing the Ideavirus

    It’s Seth Godin’s ebook–the third item down on his ‘free content’ page.

    But…can Seth Godin actually write? ;-]

    A partial list of his titles:

    His latest, The Practice, was just released on November 9.


    • Linchpin [The first one I bought back in 2006.]
    • All Marketers Tell Stories
    • The Dip [A Little Book That Tells You When to Quit, and When to Stick]
    • Permission Marketing
    • Poke The Box: When Was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time? [I just ordered this. Too intriguing to pass up.]

    Reminder! No affiliations here, just wanting to pass along items that I hope will be helpful.