Suggestion 54: Focus on emotional appeals

Here are a few excerpts from Steven Imke’s white paper on emotional appeals.

“In his groundbreaking book, “The Magic Power of Emotional Appeal,” Roy Garn explains that emotional appeals come in four irresistible flavors: money, self-protection, recognition, and romance.”

“The secret to making people like and pay attention to you, especially with people that crave recognition, is to make them feel a sense of importance. The simple act of active listening can make the other person feel more important. Show them you are interested in their troubles, their children, and their success. They will love this attention and pay you back in spades.”

“Some popular marketing appeals to self- preservation that I have seen lately include:
— Top 5 Things to Save Your Company
— The Secret to Living Longer
— Pain-Free in Just 10 Days

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