Suggestion 71: 21 Best Items to Flip

It was time for my weekly visit [I know, I know…I really should check in more often] to Side Hustle Nation. In fact, I should have waited for Nick Loper’s Thursday email…lame, sooo lame.

Anyway, I’ve spent little time on flipping products, but this June 3 post offered an interesting list, especially the inclusion of VCR’s, but the ‘scarcity’ and ‘I’ve got all this great stuff on VHS!’ arguments make sense. Though…something tells me a customer might need an older TV to make that work…

Anyway, with some folks needing some cash and having extra time to clear closets, the garage, and storage sheds [hey, this is America!], this could pay off.

Good luck and dibs on the classic Yahtzee game!

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