Side Hustle Spark 183: Blather on…(with a purpose)


More advice from Drayton Bird.

Choose long copy over short copy.

I have seen this advice for years. (And yet, Side Hustle Curator, your posts don’t show it…)

It seems counterintuitive considering many readers’ harried pace and scattered attention.

Some of Drayton’s theories why:

  • Some customers just like to read.
  • The longer the copy, the more ‘triggers’ you the writer can include.
  • Because many readers’ attention bounces around, the longer the copy, the better the chance at least a portion of your copy will resonate.
  • Length of copy suggests ‘importance’ to some folks.

What to include in your long post?

Drayton says ‘story’ and ‘repetition’.

Check out his proposed ‘outline for an effective long fundraising message‘: [Seems this applies to product or service sales, as well.]

  • Introduction: Why I’m writing to you.
  • Ask.
  • Why your gift is so important today.
  • Ask.
  • How much impact your gift will have.
  • Ask.
  • Story that demonstrates the need.
  • Ask.
  • Remind the donor of his values and connection with the cause.
  • Ask.
  • Another story.
  • Ask.
  • Help the donor visualize what will happen when she gives.
  • Ask.
  • Conclusion: Thank the donor for caring. Ask again.

Here’s the link to sign up for his emails. Pretty sure you won’t be disappointed–funny and informative stuff.

Also, consider signing up for “Drayton’s 51 free helpful marketing ideas – all proven and easy to implement.”

From Drayton: “You’ll find all of them cost nothing or very little to do.

And I’ll wager if you try just three of them, you’ll see why they are so popular.”

Note: There’s no affiliation with the site. Just wanting to share good stuff.

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