Side Hustle Spark 210: A focus on side gigs for women

Once again, blind to my audience, up to now I haven’t directed much toward specific audiences.

Well, listen folks, that ends today! [Pretty forceful, eh?]

Anywaaaay, I just thought I’d dig up some specifics for one demographic. I limited my results to 2020 and later.

NOTE: I’m JUST passing along suggestions from the four posts. Many of these are not-gender specific.

Quotes from the posts should suggest my frame of reference:

“Although some will deny it, we cannot ignore the age-old pay gap between a man and a woman.” —

“The truth is, many women don’t have the luxury of being able to quit their 9 to 5 to pursue starting a business without having to worry about meeting our financial obligations with no immediate income.” —

So, here you go. I hope some ‘yeeaaahhh, why not’s? come from some of these ideas. 101+ Side Hustle/Business Ideas for Women in 2020 (Even With a Full-Time Job) 8 Flexible Side Hustles for Women That Can Earn Them an Extra Income 30+ Side-Hustles for Incredibly Busy Women 21 Brilliant Side Hustles to Make Money in Your Spare Time

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